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If you are at a loss with the choice of necessary equipment for your project or doubt the technical feasibility of your idea - please contact us and our specialists will be happy to advise you on all issues.

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Our cases

SPARK, Drusillas Park

We were approached in late 2020 by Drusillas Park regarding their site in the South of England. Having been briefed we were tasked with creating an immersive space to help captivate and educate children about Africa Animals. This was to be done by maximizing the number of different interactive elements available to their zoo visitors; all within a 140m² area which was allocated to these new creations.


The Oceanarium, Kidspace

Last year Kidspace, Romford asked us to create an immersive-underwater experience for visitors within a 64 sqm space. We were to attempt to introduce several ground-breaking technologies including a 360° room and a short 2-minute simulation event which can be played sporadically to add variation to visits and thus create an additional wow-factor for guests.


The Imaginarium, Hobbledown

The Imaginarium brings young visitors’ imaginations to life. They can access tablets which are mounted in stone blocks; these allow kids to colour a range of different animal templates which can then be swiped in order to unleash your creation into the world! These can vary from butterflies which will flutter along the walls of The Imaginarium or turtles which will swim around the interactive lake.


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First, we discuss how your business can benefit from new technologies, providing an incorporated solution that helps you achieve short-term and long-term strategic goals.
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Our project managers will ensure you make the right decisions about equipment specification, design, and procurement.
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We have experienced and friendly installation teams nationwide, enabling us to provide the best possible service regardless of your location.
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We believe that timely and comprehensive support is essential to any project’s success and a critical enabler of high system availability, operational efficiency, and continuous business innovation.
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Interactive Technology is growing at a fast rate and we’re seeing more and more demand for our services, we want to be the leading provider of interactive augmented reality solutions in the UK and Europe.

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Commercial and retail
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  • Product introduction
  • Exhibition events
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  • City installations
  • Museums
  • Festivals
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  • Multimedia parks
  • Author's projects
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Healthcare and Education
  • Developmental lessons
  • Educational shows
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