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The Imaginarium, Hobbledown

The Imaginarium brings young visitors’ imaginations to life. They can access tablets which are mounted in stone blocks; these allow kids to colour a range of different animal templates which can then be swiped in order to unleash your creation into the world! These can vary from butterflies which will flutter along the walls of The Imaginarium or turtles which will swim around the interactive lake.

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Used to its full potential by maximising the number of unique interactive installations; As well as the immersive jungle landscape The Imaginarium also features two circular interactive sandboxes; these allow visitors to shift physical sand to create their own life-like landscapes with oceans, forests and volcanoes! Animals also populate these virtual worlds and will adapt to the habitat created for them.

A virtual rain curtain was also created and installed at the main entrance by Interactive365; a suitable entry portal when stepping into another dimension.

A bright, vibrant plain with a jungle-twist! The Imaginarium has proved highly popular, not just with kids but parents too! The immersive interactive experiences provided by Interactive365 compliment the few non-digital attractions which are also dotted around The Imaginarium. The space has nicely filled a gap between the numerous real animals children can see on a visit to Hobbledown and the various other bits of hands-on equipment on offer.

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