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The Oceanarium, Kidspace

Last year Kidspace, Romford asked us to create an immersive-underwater experience for visitors within a 64 sqm space. We were to attempt to introduce several ground-breaking technologies including a 360° room and a short 2-minute simulation event which can be played sporadically to add variation to visits and thus create an additional wow-factor for guests.

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In The Oceanarium colourful underwater creatures are projected onto the walls as well as the floor. Children can watch fish swimming around them while other ocean inhabitants such as crabs and shrimps scuttle across the floor, all of which can be interacted with. In addition to this children can access a number of tablets mounted in large stones, from here they are able to select one of a number of marine species to release into the ecosystem. If a large enough diversity of species are present in the room then a group of colourful corals begin to grow!

Children can interactive with every animal they release into the ecosystem, as well as inanimate objects such as seaweed and rocks; creating a truly immersive experience! The Oceanarium also holds regular shows to immerse guests in a magical underwater world.

Since the experience space opened it has been a huge draw for visitors. We exceeded expectations regarding content and offered several unique concepts combined into one cohesive space. The space has been a success for an entertainment standpoint as well as an educational one.

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